Male Sexual Problems

Troublesome Issue


Male sexual problems can really be a troublesome issue for every man. It is obvious that male sexual problems can lead to some bad consequences such as the inability to have children until death, therefore, it is important for us, especially men, to know deeper about problems that are directly related to our genital. There are some problems which can be cured by only consuming some pills regularly, but there are also some sexual problems which need the hand of doctors to cure it fully. In here we are going to give a brief explanation about some sexual problems that often occur to men nowadays hence be ready to take some notes!

Ejaculation Disorders



The first sexual problem that often happens to men is the ejaculation disorders. Yes, it is a problem which involves the ejaculation for men which can be pretty dangerous if we don’t know how to cure it. There are basically three types of ejaculation disorders which are:

  • the premature ejaculation,
  • retarded ejaculation,
  • and also the retrograde ejaculation.


All of those disorders may happen to every man. The premature ejaculation forces men to ejaculate very early where it can be a problem for their sexual partners. On the other hand, the retarded ejaculation is quite the reversal of the premature ejaculation where it causes men to be very slow to ejaculate. The last one is the retrograde ejaculation where it causes the ejaculate to go back to the bladder instead of the urethra.

Inhibited Sexual Desire



Moving on to the next sexual problem for men who are the inhibited sexual desire. Well, this problem maybe not as common as the ejaculation disorders but it does happen to some men. Inhibited sexual desire causes men to not having too many interests in having sexual intercourse. It is because they have a low libido level which is possible to be induced by the low level of testosterone until some physiological problems.

Impotence also pops up to be one of the men’s biggest problems. It is one of the sexual problems which can significantly decrease men’s confidence since it makes them be unable to have an erection. It can be a problem for people who want to either have children or to satisfy their sexual partners since practically they will never be able to do both things. In conclusion, men sexual problems are problems that are needed to be solved as soon as possible since the aftermaths are very bad.

But the biggest problem for men is a small penis. It causes a lot of discomfort and you just can’t attract woman if you have a small penis. Is it possible to enlarge your penis naturally? This question is very old, but the penis enlargement market has not offered the best product that will solve most of men’s sexual problems. Penis enlargement pills will work for some men, but if you’re not ready to stretch your penis with a penis extender or jelqing techniques, you cannot expect to see any significant results