How To Enlarge Breasts With Natural Methods

The size of the breasts is very important for women. Some women that want a bigger breasts do a surgery. But what to do if you are not ready for surgery and do not want the negative side effects that it can bring? To increase breast size at home, you will need herbs, essential oils, and patience. You will see the first result of breast enhancement in 3-6 weeks.

Hop cones


Hop cones contain phytoestrogens, which act on the body like a real hormone estrogen. Furthermore, they activate your own estrogen. If you take a decoction of hops regularly, your mammary glands will increase.

To prepare the infusion for breast enlargement, you will need a tablespoon of hop cones and a glass of boiling water. Leave infusion for 8 hours in a thermos. Then take it in small portions throughout the day 40 minutes before each meal.

Be careful, this infusion has a bitter taste. Take hop cones for four weeks then do a 1-month break.

Hop cones can disrupt ovulation and menstrual cycle. So before taking them you should consult with your gynecologist. Also, do not take hop cones longer than one month.

Oil massage


The second way to increase breast – regular massages with essential oils of geranium, ylang-ylang, patchouli and primrose. Take a tablespoon of any base oil and two drops of essential oil and do a session of self-massage. Rub oil gently into your breasts, in the clockwise direction into your right breast and counterclockwise into your left breast. Do not stretch the skin, your movements must be gentle and careful. Do oil massage for two weeks then take a break for two weeks.

Breast enhancement effect of this massage is due to the content of phytoestrogens in these essential oils.



Another effective way to increase breast size at home – linden infusion. Linden contains fewer phytoestrogens than hop cones, but it is safer for health and has a very positive effect on the skin.

To prepare linden infusion take a tablespoon of Linden and pour it with boiling water. Leave it for a night. Drink this infusion in the morning before breakfast. You should drink linden for one month then take a two-month break.